Types Of Fashion Earings 2021

Types Of Fashion Earings 2021

Types of fashion earings 2021

In fashion there are several types of fashion earings, each one has its charm, but not all of them are favored by the same type of earings, you have to take into account the shape of the face, haircut, and hairstyles. So we will determine what type of earings favor you the most, here we leave you the types of earings that exist and some tips when they will be used:

The tendrils are classified according to their shape, there are a great variety of tendrils and according to trends, very particular tendrils can be found:


Known as openers, these earings are used close to the ear, more than anything else it is the first earing that is placed on babies but even so they can be used as a complement to other types of earings.


It is undoubtedly the most used type of earing, for a long time, they never go out of style, especially those that come in the form of earings, they are classic and very conventional, but currently, you will find rings in all shapes such as squares, hearts, and stars. Also, they are versatile because they are comfortable and light.

Hook tendrils

They are those earings that have a hook shape, similar to a fishing hook which is made of wire.

Stud Earings

These are closed by pressure, and you do not need to have pierced ears to use them, but there is still a model that closes with a nut or a butterfly closure.

Candlesticks or Filigree

These tendrils are so-called because of their great resemblance to old lamps, these are long tendrils, which have a base and different ornaments are hung with that base.


They are earings that are attached to the ear thanks to a pin and with a detail that can be around gem that could be a pearl or a precious stone.