Top Make Up Items You Need In Your Stash

Top Make Up Items You Need In Your Stash

People think that make up is complicated. There are so many different make up items. But make up is only complicated when you make it complicated. For starters, you do not really need to complete your make up stash with a bronzer, highlighter, and various kinds of brushes. Here’s a list of the top make up items that you truly need in your make up stash. Bring these items with you wherever you go. You do not really need other items. Just these five will do.


You need your base of course. This will be the item that will make your imperfections seem less noticeable. This will also even out your skin tone, making your skin look better. You choose to get base make up that is matte or gives your skin some glow, depending on what you prefer. Make sure that your base make up matches the color of your skin.


This is essential as it gives your face a little color instead of it looking dull and pale. There are various kinds of lip tints or lipsticks or generally other lip items that you may use.


Mascara is a lifesaver as it makes your eyes look so much alive than they naturally are. Your eyes are also given more emphasis with mascara.


Eyebrow pencils are the best friends of those who do not naturally have thick brows. Or if you want to define your brows a little more, you should definitely get eyebrow pencils.


Cheek tints or powder blushes are also really helpful to add some color to your cheeks so that you will not look pale. With tint or blush, you will also look fresh.

Make up should not be complicated. With just these five items, your look is already complete and you are ready to go.