A List Of The Best Type Of Earrings

A List Of The Best Type Of Earrings

Fashion accessories are an important part of your wardrobe and should never be underestimated. Often people overlook their accents to their outfit, but the perfect combination of fashion accessories can make or break your outfit. Here is a lit of the best fashion accessories.


Hoops are a fashionable statement and staple for any girl that wants to make a big splash. Hoops come in all shapes, sizes and are not limited to silver or gold. Hoops are trendy and great to look at. Wear them with sleeveless clothes and hold on the necklace to really make it the statement piece.


Tassels are one of the best fashion accessories for women that don’t want the simple and plain. Tassels swish and flounce about on your ears, just like the dresses they were made for. Grab the tassels for a flouncy dress or a spicy dance number.

Chandelier Earrings

These earrings can be formed with gems or diamonds or a mixture of both with one goal in mind, and that’s grandeur. If you like wearing a true statement piece and diamond dusters on your ears, then chandelier earrings are your best bet.

Classic Studs

Studs are simple, yet can still make a point. Often used for the tough girl aesthetic but with a touch of glamour. If you like only a little bit of the glitz or want to keep it simple, the classic studs are for you. Dress it up or dress it down. Studs are good for any situation.

Ear Cuffs

You want to make a statement that won’t budge and will stick with you with all its glitz and glamour. This is one of the best options for fashion accessories for people that like the style of having gems and diamonds attached to their ears. Simple, classy or as overdone as you want it to be.