The Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses

The Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses can be purchased as standalone lenses (like reading glasses) or added to your prescription lenses. These lenses help block the blue light you’re absorbing from your computer screen. Blue light has been theorized to cause eye strain and eye disease, though a definitive answer is not on the horizon. Whether for preventive use or for a persisting problem, sales have been climbing steadily throughout 2020 and will likely continue to grow in 2021.

What are the benefits of blue light glasses?

These special lenses help reduce your intake of the blue light that comes from your phone, computer, or TV screens. Some report it helps with eye strain, though no official studies have been concluded in favor of them. Many professionals, however, recommend them often to help with eyestrain or simply being able to help you fall asleep earlier at night. Absorbing too much blue light before bed can keep you awake longer, so if you can’t put your phone down, these glasses might do you some good.

Blue light glasses have many benefits, though not all may be recorded. Whether it falls under professional opinion or not, the truth is there. People all over the world are recommending these lenses. They find them helping reduce eye strain at work and find themselves being able to work in front of a screen longer. Blue light glasses seem to be a personal preference overall, but the growth in sales shows that it may soon become a majority opinion.