Trendy Sneakers For Women

Trendy Sneakers For Women

These models are the new ugly sneakers in the sneaker trends – and some will probably find them to be just as “ugly” as their predecessor models. Running sneakers are suddenly considered the new it-piece of the season. These are sneakers where functionality is paramount. The design is comparatively discreet, at least in terms of shape: Running sneakers are generally not as bulky as our beloved Ugly sneakers, and platform soles are usually in vain. With the colors, however, things can be flashy, colorful neon accents are welcome.

Elegant maxi dresses or midi skirts, for example, go perfectly with running sneakers. But the all-over sports style with joggers has also become fashionable this year. Necessary: Please always combine elegant styling partners such as a long coat, a fine bag or statement jewelry so that the look does not remind you too much of going to the gym.


It’s not only millennial who have long been celebrating retro brands such as Fila, Converse and Vans that Generation X once wore. The classic sneakers, mainly brought back from the 90s, still, look the same as they did before then and some may be annoyed that they threw their old kicks in the bin years ago.

Nevertheless: the classics among the retro models have evolved over the years. The trend towards more soles has not passed by Vans and Co., and the fabric sneakers now like to have thick soles. In terms of styling, however, not much has changed. As in the past, the shoes are often combined with white tennis socks and short skirts, but they also look casual with baggy jeans or as a break in style with a maxi dress.


The classic chucks come as standard with a shaft that extends over the ankle. Now the popular sneakers face competition, and other labels (even design houses such as Balenciaga and Chanel) are relying on the high-top look. Especially colorful models are currently trendy, but the classic Chucks version made of fabric is back, but now with a platform upgrade: