Shirt Wearing Tips For Office Worker

Shirt Wearing Tips For Office Worker

Wear it under a dress

If you’ve always wanted to wear a spaghetti strap dress to work then now you can do so. You just need to wear a white t-shirt under it to make it more appropriate. You can then complete the look with a pair of white sneakers. This is the perfect office attire for spring and summer.

Go all-white

You’ve probably seen Beyonce’s all-white outfit before. Well, you can borrow that look and go for all-white office attire. Just wear a clean white plain tee and then tuck it inside a pair of white skinny pants. You can then complete the look with neutral sandals and a white trench coat.

Henley style

Do you have a Henley-style t-shirt (the one with buttons) just lying around in your closet? Then you can make good use of it by wearing it to work. You can pair the shirt with a pair of printed trousers and then top your outfit off with wedges. For sure, it’s the comfiest office attire you’ve put on.

Spice up your shirt

Even a basic t-shirt can be a part of your office attire. All you need to do is to spice it up You can do this simply by tying a colorful silk scarf around your neck. And to make the look more interesting, then wear attention-grabbing footwear.

With a denim midi skirt

Another great way for office worker to wear a t-shirt to work is to pair it with a midi denim skirt. You can top the look with brown cowgirl boots.