The Secet Of Street Chic Wearing Men And Women

The Secet Of Street Chic Wearing Men And Women

Mix cheap and expensive stuff

Conquering the streets means knowing how to mix and match stuff and that includes mixing your expensive pieces with cheap ones. For example, you can wear an expensive top with a pair of sneakers such as Vans or Chucks. You can carry your designer bag while wearing something you’ve dug up in a thrift store. You must know how to blend fashion and function if you want to be street chic. But you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort.

Sneakers are your best friend

Street fashion wearing people are often seen with sneakers. And there’s a good reason for this. Sneakers are comfortable. You can wear them all day and your feet won’t hurt. They are indeed perfect for roaming the streets. Sneakers also offer plenty of opportunities for expressing your personal style. They come in different colors and designs. And depending on your buffet, you can choose super affordable sneakers for designers that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And despite what other people believe, almost any kind of clothes go well with a pair of sneakers.

Work with colors

Some people believe that there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to street style. That is not true. If you really want to be street chic, then you know how to work with colors. There are still rules to be followed. You need to create a sense of continuity using colors. It doesn’t mean that everything you’re wearing should be in the same color. But you should at least have items that match. You don’t want to look like a mishmash of colors. Have fun with colors but don’t completely disregard the rules.