Make Up During The Pandemic

Make Up During The Pandemic

It may be more difficult to wear make up during the pandemic as your face would not entirely be seen anyway with a face mask on when you go out. There’s no point in putting lipstick as it will get ruined anyway. But putting on make up and feeling prettier is still possible even with the pandemic.

On rare cases that you will remove your face mask to eat, people will still see your entire face. It is much better if you still put on some lipstick. Choose lip tints or long lasting matte lipsticks that could not be easily removed. With this, they would not transfer or stain your mask and would remain on your lips for a long time.

Also focus on your skin. Use skin care items that could help your skin glow. Use sunscreen whenever you go outside to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. You may also use base products but stick to lightweight ones. This will even out your skin. Wear concealer to hide your imperfections and your eyebags.

Also focus on your eye make up. Get yourself some eyeshadow palettes and go all out. If before you only wear neutral colors, it is about time that you wear your blues, purples, and pinks. Wear various looks on your eyes. You may go for rainbow looks, for cut creases, for glittery eye looks, and more. You can generally go for any eye look you feel like going for.

Not just eyeshadow, but also put on some mascara and eyeliner. These really put more emphasis on the eyes and brighten your eyes much more. They make your eyes look bolder and brighter too.

And do not forget the eyebrow make up. You may use any item you want: brow soap, brow powder, gel, pencil, or others. Your eyebrows frame your face and your eyes so they are still essential.

Do not let the pandemic hinder you from being beautiful!