Tips On How To Wear Sweaters For Men

Tips On How To Wear Sweaters For Men


There are qualitative differences between sweaters. The supposed simplicity, in that the front and back are usually held together with a seam, quickly indicates the sweater’s shape, style, and features. The details are crucial here.


The round neck sweater is an ideal leisure companion. The following applies: the thicker the knit, the more casual the look. Would you like to wear it with a shirt? Use a button-down as this will hold the collar in place. A round neck sweater in bright colors or striking patterns is ideal for giving your outfit the character.


A V-neck sweater belongs in every wardrobe. It is incredibly versatile, can be elegantly combined (with shirt and tie) or worn with casual business looks (shirt, no tie), casual outfits (over a T-shirt), or very relaxed (over a T-shirt with a V-neck). A V-neck sweater in navy blue or black is an absolute must-have. It goes perfectly with a shirt with a contrasting look or, for a modern look, with a sweater in a matching shade.


The best way to highlight the shawl collar is to leave the top button of your shirt open. There is no need for a tie, as the neckline itself is eye-catching. For an extra dash of color, combine it with an ascot or a narrow scarf. This model is usually not worn with a blazer. It makes for bold statements, so make sure the color suits you.


Turtlenecks look best in neutral tones such as white, navy blue, anthracite, or black. They are worn without a shirt and ensure a modern, elegant silhouette. Wear it under a blazer for a more formal look.